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Emergenetics Assessments

What is Emergenetics?

“Emergenetics” - Identifying thinking and behavior patterns to improve your team's communication, productivity, creativity and morale.

Emergenetics is a psychometric assessment tool based on the latest brain research. The research indicates that we are born ‘pre-wired” with traits to act and think in certain ways and that we modify these traits as we interact with our environment. The term Emergenetics was coined to reflect this constantly emerging combination of genetics and environment – literally patterns of thinking and behaving that emerge from our genetic blueprint.

Each one of us has a unique way of using our brain; Emergenetics maps our individual profile and provides insight and clarity around our key thinking and behavior preferences. It helps to answer key questions such as “why do I think this way”, "Why do they act that way?" and "Why can't they just think and act like me?" Having greater insight into our thinking and behavior preferences and the preferences of others can directly promote greater effectiveness both in our work and personal lives.

Emergenetics – Team Development Offerings

An Emergenetics “Meeting of the Minds” workshop is highly experiential and fun learning experience which leverages the advanced psychometric assessment tool Emergenetics. The workshop combines education on the fundamental aspects of Emergenetics, experiential team exercises designed to promote improved communication and understanding across the team and identify how Emergenetics can support leaders and be leveraged to develop WEteams. An Emergenetics “Meeting of the Minds” workshop can be tailored to meet the organizations needs but is typically a half to a full day session.

Participation in a Meeting of the Minds workshop requires that all participants complete a confidential online Emergenetics profile prior to the workshop. The profile takes approximately 20 minutes to complete.

How Does Emergenetics Support Team Development?

To be a high-performing company in today’s competitive landscape essentially requires that you have high-performing work teams. The Emergenetics approach to team development centers on the idea of building on strengths and neutralizing weaknesses—but takes it beyond a specific role into the context of the team as whole.

Emergenetics provides a platform to focus on a common language—and a roadmap for people to know why they prefer to communicate in certain ways and how to leverage that to be more effective, productive and creative in their daily work. Participants learn to value each other for who they are and how to appreciate each other’s strengths. The objective is to create an inclusive team, and go with each other’s strengths; this supports the maximization of individual and team performance!

More information: www.emergenetics.com

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