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Coaching with Horses

In an increasing fast past world pressured by rapid change, true sustainability and success is sewn from a greater worldview and connection.

Effective leadership today requires self-awareness, emotional intelligence, collaboration and compassion. The ability of managers and leaders to effectively embody these skills impacts an organization’s bottom line, since successful team building, interpersonal communication, and conflict resolution efforts are crucial in creating a strong sense of organizational commitment.

Mir Institute applies Equine Facilitated Learning to the process of self-awareness and personal growth. Equine Facilitated Learning is a ground base and innovative approach to providing human-horse experiential learning.

Why Horses?

Horses have heightened emotional perception. Horses cannot be easily manipulated or lied to. Horses are truth tellers. As prey animals, horses sense and respond to a person’s intentions, emotions and thoughts that are conveyed through body language. Through the experience of observing a horse’s response to emotions and requests, each person gains insights into how to communicate more effectively, recognize their emotions, face their fears, and become more self-aware with their actions.

Sessions with horses are ground based, highly interactive, and provide an in the moment learning experience. By participating in equine assisted learning programs, individuals will learn to:

  • Build trust in relationships and teams.
  • Understand non-verbal communications.
  • Trust Intuition, wisdom and invisible ways of knowing.
  • Work through uncomfortable, emotionally charged situations.
  • Move from conflict into resolution and agreement more quickly.
  • Learn new behaviors to gain the Power of being Present.
  • Increase the depth of Emotional Intelligence.
  • Practice Authentic Collaborative Leadership.

Equine guided coaching is a quick way to break through blocks which have been in the way of your ultimate happiness and success. Leveraging the expertise of the horse and a Certified Equine Specialist you will gain invaluable experience and awareness to start living with more intention.  Our approach at Mir Institute is with an emphasis on you (and/or your team) and the work with the horses.  We help you unlock new visions and approaches. Together we create inspiration and set goals for both personal and career growth.

Activities are specifically designed to meet the development outcomes desired to deepen the learning and inspire action for change. This is accomplished through a safe and reflective process of learning and the emotions and energy horses bring to the space. Our goal is to help you uncover your brilliance and manifest the next chapter in your life!

Our Framework

links traditional leadership skills with the moral aptitude needed to address employee well being, corporate responsibility and global sustainability.

Our Belief

is that corporate performance and sustainability is enabled through ethical leadership, employee satisfaction, and social responsibility.

Our Network

of industry leaders promote self and interpersonal awareness strategies for learning rather than a traditional training philosophy.
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