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Workshop Dates
May 2-4, 2018

Register by March 2, 2018 and receive a $200 discount.

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Leadership Perspectives Workshop - May 2-4, 2018
A Leadership Journey

Experts agree that self-awareness is essential for leaders to achieve peak leadership performance. This is because self-awareness helps leaders achieve greater outcomes.  If we know our strengths, weaknesses, drives, values and our impact on others, then we are able to address our blind spots which allows us to make better decisions. Furthermore, being self-aware is being self regulated which leads to a strong sense of personal identity. In order to lead others, leaders need to first lead themselves.

Target Audience

Leadership Perspectives is a transformational, intensive, three day workshop that is designed for high-performing leaders. Through a blend of self-assessments, horse to human interactions, case studies, and group discussions, attendees will bring back to their organizations invaluable new concepts, resources, and approaches, that build on their own self-insight, self-regulation and self- identity, that can help create new levels of value within their organization.

Program Content

This leadership workshop offers a deep level of self-insight, reflection and connection among an intimate group of leaders. Attendees will uncover their deepest beliefs, motivations and values, and connect them to their behaviors. Mir facilitators will guide participants on a specialized leadership journey towards greater self awareness and personal growth.  This work is done in an off-site, group context. This allows leaders to work on breakthroughs in their individual mindsets, behavior and style, and quality of their relationships. Everything is applied directly to the current, real world challenges that leaders face in leading their organizations and teams to increased greatness.

  • Three day core development sessions from 8:30am to 5:30pm each day with overnight reflections.
  • Pre-work and customized assessment instruments. All attendees complete two assessments:
    1. Behavioral Style Inventory (Emergenetics®)
    2. Ethical Lens Inventory (EthicsGame®)

Emotional Intelligence work will include a session on building leadership through self-awareness using horse to human interactions. Effective leadership today requires self-awareness, emotional intelligence, collaboration and compassion. The ability of managers and leaders to effectively embody these skills impacts an organization’s bottom line. While interacting with horses, individuals are able to identify and shift behavioral patterns that may be prohibiting them from reaching their fullest potential and unlocking new approaches.

Leadership Journey Outcomes:

  • Strengthen your ability to lead by increasing self-awareness and gaining insight into your thinking and behavioral patterns.
  • Establish a firm personal foundation that supports your individual and professional success.
  • Optimize your behaviors to remain centered, focused and creative when solving complex challenges.
  • Demonstrate peak leadership performance in your interactions with others.
  • Increase clarity, authenticity and effectiveness to inspire, influence and motivate others.
  • Connect with committed, like-minded, conscientious leaders to leverage expertise, experiences, provide guidance, as well as, expand your network of global resources and friends.

Leadership Perspectives is conducted in an interactive, highly energetic, and unique learning setting at Mir Meadows Ranch, in Grass Valley, California. Mir Meadows Ranch is a 50-acre working ranch located in the beautiful Sierra Nevada foothills. A historic Gold Rush city, Grass Valley has held on to its mining Cornish heritage and is quickly becoming known for its wine tasting, with 15 wineries. Located about 60 miles from Sacramento Airport and 88 miles from Reno, Nevada, it is an easy access destination.

Leadership Perspectives is led by experienced industry leaders who are distinguished academics, entrepreneurs, and practitioners.  They bring to the program a practical approach for driving improved individual and organizational performance. Facilitators for this program include Laurie Webb, Susan McCarthy, and Dr. Dave Beaty.

Course fee is $2,900.00*.  Class size is limited to 16 participants.

*Fee includes two assessments, course materials, and on-site meals. Fee does not include travel expenses such as airfare, hotel charges or rental car.

Register by March 2, 2018 and receive a $200 discount.

Become the best leader you can be. The legacy you leave behind is the life you lead and leadership can be a powerful tool for good—whether leading a team or developing your individual potential for achieving your personal best, let Mir Institute help you reach a deeper sense of purpose by elevating your personal perspective. Register Now.

Our Framework

links traditional leadership skills with the moral aptitude needed to address employee well being, corporate responsibility and global sustainability.

Our Belief

is that corporate performance and sustainability is enabled through ethical leadership, employee satisfaction, and social responsibility.

Our Network

of industry leaders promote self and interpersonal awareness strategies for learning rather than a traditional training philosophy.
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