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Team Building Workshops

Connect, Engage & Energize Your Workforce

In our ever turbulent and competitive business environment creating teams to accomplish complex projects is a strategy used for improving organizational performance. Because people work in partnership with others, energizing your workforce requires people to develop relationship mastery skills. Skills such as inter-personal communications, resolving conflict, and working across hierarchical or functional boundaries are needed to generate alignment and cohesive action. Yet team-based strategies usually result in unsatisfactory conclusions.

Performance is affected by conflict, misunderstanding, and frustration. What we don’t recognize is that when a group of individuals come together few have developed collective mastery skills and they continue to act as individuals, with different perspectives and conflicting agendas. What is needed is a shift in individual leadership and self-mastery to shared leadership and collective mastery.

Mir Institute for leadership has developed a program to enable peak performance through building the collective mastery and leveraging the diversity within teams.

Target Group

Working teams and executive teams interested in improving dialogue skills, working relationships and ability to develop themselves and others.

Program Content

This program can be customized to apply to a range of teams (cross-functional, project oriented, virtual) that require team-base ways of working and thinking.

This work is done in an off-site, group context. This allows teams to work on breakthroughs in their individual mindsets, behavior and style, and quality of their relationships. Learning activities leverage traditional and non-traditional activities in order to increase team greatness.

  • Two to three day core development sessions from 8:30am to 5:30pm each day with overnight reflections.
  • Pre-work and customized assessment instruments. All attendees complete two to three assessments depending on the results of a Team Effectiveness Questionnaire:
    1) Behavioral Style Inventory
    2) Emotional Intelligence Inventory
    3) Ethical Lens Inventory

Course Objectives

  • Redefine your notion of team cohesiveness originating from the essence of who you are as a person and how your decisions impact others.
  • Be more aware of what influences behaviors from both an individual and team member perspective.
  • Build an understanding of team-based ways of working and build commitment and alignment around the collective business challenges.
  • Build and consolidate relations in the team through greater self-awareness and shared understanding of team diversity and how it impacts team dynamics.
  • Identify how to capitalize on individual talents, diverse skills, different backgrounds, personality profiles, and individual leadership styles to better learn from and support each other to enhance team effectiveness.
  • Identify obstacles that hinder team effectiveness and develop strategies to deal with these.
  • Establish ongoing review mechanisms that reflect individual, as well as, mutual accountability.
  • Have a team framework for change and strategies moving forward.

Our Framework

links traditional leadership skills with the moral aptitude needed to address employee well being, corporate responsibility and global sustainability.

Our Belief

is that corporate performance and sustainability is enabled through ethical leadership, employee satisfaction, and social responsibility.

Our Network

of industry leaders promote self and interpersonal awareness strategies for learning rather than a traditional training philosophy.
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