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Soweto Academy Girls Dormitory

Building a future for Kenya’s young girls

The benefits to societies of educating women are well-documented and include lower birth rates, better health, lower infant mortality, fewer teenage marriages and pregnancies, and greater economic well being not only for women, but for the entire community in which they live. When girls and women are educated, supported and empowered, all of society benefits. If we are to harness the distinctive strengths of women to tackle their community’s most pressing and complex problems, then we need to provide a safe learning environment.

Kibera is the largest slum in Nairobi, and the largest urban slum in Africa. Everyday young girls face tremendous obstacles in securing an education and protecting their physical and emotional health. Beyond the daily hardship of life in extreme poverty, girls also face horrific rates of sexual assault and lack access to basic needs like food, shoes, clothing, and sanitary napkins. With your help, the Kenyan Children Foundation (KCF) is raising approximately $500,000 US dollars to build and furnish a girls dormitory at Soweto Academy in Kibera. The dormitory will provide a safe environment for young girls to live while obtaining an education.

Please join us in reshaping the lives of young girls for a sustainable, inclusive and resilient future. The Kenyan Children Foundation has actively supported the Soweto Academy since 2000. Donations received for the dormitory project will be managed directly by the KCF to ensure proper use of funds.

Donations received for the dormitory project will be managed directly by the KCF to ensure proper use of funds. Click here to donate.

Please check back for an update on funds raised and project status. If you would like to be included in email updates, please click here to sign up and/or pledge a donation.

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